Rusticaw Creations has transformed from sharing personal craftiness to a brainstorming idea generator – solar powered. Fact is, I’m not a good *worker, instead I’m an out of this world creative genius…not to brag or anything. Once I admitted where I shined instead of trying to polish a rock, I surrendered to something bigger than me and bigger for you!

I love to create. Period. I lose sleep over it, I go into the wilderness just to be left alone to bring about something Pinterest can’t even hold a candle to. When it rains it pours, in my life, and if you’d like to tap into that well, then hire me to raise funds for your organization or business, or better yet you can buy the plans on paper and do it yourself! I’m a detailed crazy person and not much escapes me, but I will warn you…I can’t shut it off. So prepare for big dreams with frugal spending, as I’m thrifty as all get out.

Inspire, Happiness, with Wild Adventure.

Rusticaw Creations
Creative Guru: Vanessa Wishstar
Website: www.Rusticaw.com
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My other jobs related to Rusticaw include:
Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium 
“Connecting the pathways for your spirit guides, loved ones, and pets to come through. Sharing information and validation that we’re all just a ‘thought’ away.”
www.VanessaWishstar.com * Website * Facebook

Eat Well Nomad 
“Eat Well Nomadic where you are!”
Freeze Dried Food: Bunker Food * Glamping Cuisine * Backpack Grub Off Grid Cache * Emergency Stash * Go Go Food
Options: Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wild Life, Pasture Raised, Customized.